Forever remembering Mildred "Milly" Santana, from Paterson, New Jersey. She was born on July 3, 1965, one day before Independence Day. She was a true cancer (zodiac sign), with the most honest but sensitive heart. Mildred spent every year watching the fireworks for Independence Day on her birthday and a "firework" she truly was. Her joyful laugh and flavorful personality lite up the sky everyday. She was one of the most loyal and loving women to walk earth and she dressed it with her favorite hoodies, caps, and feisty attitude. Mil gave birth to two children, son and daughter, but she is a mother to three boys and her only daughter. Mildred, "Ma" to them is the greatest person they ever met. She was always there for each of them and protected them to the ultimate level! They learned everything from her and feel equipped for the rest of their lives because of all that Mildred left in their heart and minds. "She is just the best angel God will ever have" says her daughter. On December 2, 2011 Mildred was called to heaven and left so many many people in shock. All her life Mildred has been showing love to everyone around her.. Her whole community was broken hearted by her sudden death and no one could believe that they would never experience the vision that was her smile again.. Mildred's death seemed to cripple the souls of her loved ones but all that she was: honest, sweet, real, and protective, leaves her soul living on in their hearts. Now, all of her jokes, fun personality, and strong demeanor serves as the crutches that keep her family going... Because of Milly and all she left behind, the world will be a better place and her children especially will continue to shed the light that lived in her through the love and blood that they shared. Mildred a.k.a Pichulina now is watching over our world and caring for her family from above with many of her family and friends that she once missed as much as she is missed today! As she once said and wished, let's celebrate her memory by simply never forgetting all that she did for her kids and her community, how much she loved and protected them. And, by letting every one of "her jams" when they come on the radio remind us of all the good times AND THAT UNFORGETTABLE LAUGH!
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  • Mommy I don't know how I'm doing it without you.. But I know it's because of you.. You keep me strong.. I love and miss you so much!!

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